Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tony Theory pt 2

no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

Ah yes, Tony Gordon, my old nemesis. Let's continue to get into the head of Corrie's most fascinating villain (hey, what about Len Windass? - ed). My theory is that Tony hasn't changed or mellowed or repented his evil ways.

That's because I think one of defining moments of his life was when he took his revenge on poor Lisa Worthington. In case you don't remember the story, let me reprise the key points.

Lisa was Tony's head of sales but it turns out that she was having an affair with Tony's biggest competitor, Richard Shaw. So Tony told Lisa's husband, a rugby player, who 'sorted' Mr. Shaw. Shaw's wife also got a call which resulted in a divorce which was very expensive for Richard Shaw, which subsequently allowed Tony to buy Shaw's business for a song.

"By that time Lisa was working for him so I got the pleasure of sacking her as well." says Tony.
"Don't mess about you, do you?" says Maria
"She betrayed me."

Now, if we use this pivotal story as a template for Tony's modus operandi, we can see that Tony's objective is nothing more than total annihilation of his enemy. It's simple. Liam was his enemy. Tony killed Liam, then devastated Carla by telling her what he did and why. Now he's currying favour with Maria. What would be a more complete and total revenge against Liam than for Tony to get real 'chummy' with Maria, the grieving widow of the man he hates?
I know it's yucky but I can't help thinking Tony's capable of anything.

Or am I just being too cynical and too Machiavellian? (who's that? one of Jack's pigeons - ed).

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  1. Currying favour? That's good. I think it's a very good theory.

    Any theories on why Carla left without going to the police about Tony? Perhaps it's because she knows a little about the dark side herself. Remember that factory worker that fell down the stairs? Didn't Carla help dispose of the body?