Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Steve's problem

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the January 4 episode on CBC

My, my. Christmas and New Year's over already? Where does the time go? (Skiving mostly - ed). I wish all Corrie watchers a happy and healthy New Year with lots of great Corrie ahead for 2010 and minimal disruption during the Stanley Cup playoffs and the World Cup. As for me, I survived Christmas in the Big Smoke (Toronto) and spent most of my time looking for parking and eating at buffets. It was merry.

Now to the business at hand: Steve Mcdonald. Is there anyone so mysteriously attractive to so many women for reasons which cannot be explained (noted bigamist Peter Barlow? - ed). Now, I'm no psychologist (how do you feel about that? - ed) but it seems to me that Steve is a classic case of a guy with passive aggressive tendencies.

I offer three examples:

1) Breaking up with Michelle, an interminable process based on the brilliant strategy of being a 'bad boyfriend' (mission accomplished - ed), rather than facing the issue head-on

2) Not telling Becky about the truth about the wedding ring. Never mind, Michelle will take care of that and you'll wind up in the doghouse (might as well buy a timeshare with Peter Barlow - ed)

3) Not telling Becky that she was too drunk to get married. (Deja vu, I say, deja vu - ed). What's the problem here? He's afraid to tell her? He's waiting for the right moment? Well, never mind, Michelle kindly took care of that oversight (again) while supping at the bar and spitting venom.

The moral? Hey Steve, you work in a PUBLIC HOUSE, you know, that big place with booze where members of the public gather to gossip about things like... oh, I dunno.. the fact that Becky was too drunk to get married.

Now Liz will tell you that Steve's problem is not his passive aggressive tendencies or a severe case of procrastination (although Steve does put the 'pro' in procrastination -ed), but rather an important anatomical abnormality: the lack of a spine.

Whatever the reason, Steve needs to rethink his communication skills. Puppy dog looks and a good heart can only get you so far. Every once in a while, you have to open your mouth, extract your foot and tell the truth. Just a suggestion...

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  1. I loved it when Liz called Steve an idiot the other night. That sums it all up!