Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Half-Sister Act

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the February 23 episode on CBC

Lucky Julie! She's been treated to a grand stroll down Grimshaw memory lane (a one-way street? - ed). Here's to the good old days!

Todd and Sara having it off...
(Oh nice!)
...and Sara's stillborn child
(Oh dear)

Todd taking charge of his life...
(Oh nice) coming out of the closet and breaking up with Sara
(Oh dear)

Todd being best friends with Sara's brother, Nick...
(Oh nice)
..and planting a big kiss on his lips
(Oh dear)

Todd going to university...
(Oh nice)
..while his half brother, Jason, starts sleeping with Sara
(Oh dear)

A big wedding for Jason and Sara...
(Oh nice)
..until Jason does a runner
(Oh dear)

But that's okay because Eileen had a nice romance...
(Oh nice)
...with the guy who killed Emily Bishop's husband
(oh dear)

As I say, Julie's quite the lucky gal to be part of the Carp-Grimshaw clan and half-sister of Eileen. Can't wait to hear the dinner table chat at Christmas.

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