Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big man on canvas

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the march 1 episode on CBC

In the immortal words of Simon, who is wise beyond his years, "that man's got no clothes on" (although he is wearing a rose between his teeth - ed). I will do my best to avoid the obvious references to Dev's... um.. private pain and very public (I think you meant to spell that word without an 'l' - ed) humiliation. But let's try to look beyond the 'exposure' and draw some conclusions about what has happened.

Dev? Well, yes he has got his come-up-pence due to the fact that he was caught with his pants down. Yes, it's a humiliation but it probably won't change him. Dev is not a completely honest person. He lied to Sunita and he's been dishonest, in one way or another, with all his past lovers. And, he usually gets his just desserts but, with the possible exception of that crazy Maya, this is beyond the pale.

Amber? The poor long-suffering daughter of Dev will bear the brunt of this unfortunate episode as the 'Dev in the buff photo' makes the rounds on facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc. And, on top of that, Amber had her fingers crossed that a marriage between Dev and Tara would create that happy nuclear family which she has longed for. Fat chance with Dev's manhood emblazoned across the Victoria Flats.

Tara? Frankly, I've had my fill of her. Yeah, okay, Dev wasn't honest but she could have proved her point in any number of ways which wouldn't have hurt innocent bystanders (like Amber) in the process. And, another thing, have you ever noticed how much of Tara is devoted to Tara? She's always banging on with sentences like: "How do you think that makes me feel?" and "I feel humiliated" etc etc.

Anyway, it looks like the end of Dev's romantic entanglements with the Mandal family. He's already had it off with Nina and Tara -- with disastrous results. Unless he's planning on sidling up to Prem in the near future (please, I just had dinner - ed), I think it's over. As Blanche said, "One picture of him starkers and we're done."

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