Friday, March 12, 2010

TGIF March 12

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 11 episode on CBC

Tony is back and exploiting Natasha like a legal loophole in a Ladrags contract. All the more reason to forge ahead with another award-winning edition of TGIF or 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday', a compendium of the memorable lines from Corrie over the past week. This edition is brought to you by the Australian Tourist Board, which is proud to have 50% of the Coles living within spitting distance of Sydney. Avanti!

Julie acknowledging Jason's empathy on the loss of the father she hardly knew:
"There's wisdom in you, Jason Grimshaw, I don't care what anybody says"
(This just in from anybody: there's no wisdom in Jason Grimshaw)

Blanche summarizing current events in the Rovers:
"Norris' long lost brother’s turned up and that pedo's kicked the bucket. "
(This has been your local news headlines with Blanche Hunt, turning now to weather...)

Deirdre criticizing Blanche in public:
"You try having Attila the Hun for a mother and see how you do"
(That's not fair. Attila had his good points)

Pam explaining, in detail, her efficient technique for buttering bread:
"This morning, I managed to spread six slices with one knife full."
(fascinating, is there somewhere around here where I can watch paint dry too?)

Natasha is excited because she's meeting Tony:
"I've got a date with the handsome head of a knicker empire"
(...too bad the rest of his body is a little iffy)

Tony explaining to Natasha that he was assembling furniture with Maria:
"Believe it or not, we were discussing Ladrags while I was doing it"
(...then he put together the crib)

Steve insisting that his taxis are in excellent condition:
"We have our cabs steam cleaned once a month"
(...whether they need it or not)

Chesney is incensed that Fiz is seeing John Stapes in prison:
"When it came out about what he'd done to Rosie Webster, I had nightmares"
(We all did. Rosie has that effect on everyone)


Well, that's it for a rather sombre week on the Street. Let's hope things perk up just a bit next week. Who knows, maybe Norris and Ramsay will have a slapfight in the middle of the street? Or maybe a third Cole brother (Morley?) will show up and really spice things up. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments. See you next week.

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