Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30 TGIS?

Sorry gang. As I mentioned, matters of pressing importance (skiving you mean - ed) have kept me away from my Corrie control centre until today. Worse still, I am playing catch up with Corrie to get up to date. Still, better late than never (Underworld factory girls' motto - ed). Let's take a quick look at some of the memorable lines of the week in this edition of Tony Gordon, it's Sunday (doesn't sound right, does it?). Onward!

Tony Gordon implementing a factory-wide search for Sally's missing ring:
"Right everybody, open your lockers, please."
(just don't look in Tony's, he's probably got Jed Stone stuffed in there)

Becky bragging to the bridal dress shop owner about her and Steve:
"me and my fiance, we own a pub, and we drink champagne like water. "
(in fact, at the Rovers, the champagne is water)

Joe ransacks Chez Gail looking for pills but has a good explanation:
"I was looking for me work bag, the one I stick me butties in."
(Maybe you should find somewhere else to stick your butties...)

Jesse has more props to store at Bill's yard:
"Got a couple of wigwams in the back of the van."
(I'm feeling two tents)

Michelle tries to divine Luke's attraction to Ms. Webster:
"Oh, right. So it’s Rosie’s brains you're after then, is it?"
(should be quite a treasure hunt)

Tony finds Luke's elaborate torture scenarios to be a little kinky:
"That sounds a touch homoerotic"
(like Braveheart)

Anna is upset that the noise from the clinic is disturbing Mr. Windass' rest
"Oh, just when Eddie’s trying to have his nap"
(That could me anytime - and usually is)

Luke complaining to Michelle about Rosie's conversation skills:
"Company-wise, she’s got less goin' for her than a dead crustacean."
(and she can be quite crabby)

Joe is really, really sorry about becoming addicted to pain killers
"I wish there was a better word than sorry"
(Here's three: Sling. Your. Hook.)

Even Julie is having a go at Ms. Webster:
"You know, Rosie, the local two-wheeled conveyance"
(If she had gone to college, at least she'd be a uni-cycle...)

Joe must be in bad shape, even Stape feels sorry for him:
"Poor Joe. He must be in a terrible place right now"
(your cell?)


That's it fellow Corrie watchers. Hope this is better late than never. I'll be back next week with more posts. Hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!


  1. You know someone has to like my comment about the Shrimp and the Barbie, but so far no takers...

  2. What would you do without Rosie? She provides a wealth of material, doesn't she? -Tony