Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kodak moment

To paraphrase something that you often hear on the Street 'I just can't get my head around' some of odd things happening these days like: Fiz's ring, Joe's addiction to painkillers and Becky's wedding uberdress. (How about Tony 'Sugar Daddy' Gordon? - ed)

Frankly the scenes of junior nutbar (David Platt), Gail and Joe are almost driving me to drink (oh no, not cream soda again? - ed). That's why I appreciate those little understated scenes between characters which you can often overlook or not fully appreciate for their subtleties (catfight in the Rovers? - ed).

A case in point last week: Ramsay and Emily sitting in her parlour after lunch, curtains drawn, looking at a collection of old fashioned Kodak slides in a carousel. When was the last time you saw anyone doing that in this era of cellphones and digital cameras? (your famous summer trip of '76 to Etobicoke? - ed). Anyway, there they were - just the two of them - all cozy on the couch looking at slides of the Lake District and then one of those priceless shots of Emily and her late husband (Ernest) appear on the screen. What follows is one of those charming nuggets of Corrie conversation:

Ramsay: Were you married long?
Emily: No. No, not long. Just long enough for memories.

It's enough to bring a tear to your eye, but then Norris bulls his way in, spoils the moment and looks for a slice of chicken pie. Nevertheless, it was a nice respite from the never-ending Platt saga and car washing antics of Rosie, and Tony's paternal urges (ugh - ed).


Just a note about this week. I will once again be away from my usual Corrie command post with all its technological innovations (i.e. tea & arrowroot biscuits) so posts may be spotty this week. my apologies but I'll try not to make it a habit. Cheers, CH

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  1. Have fun! Hurry back- I miss your posts when you're away. Just as long as you don't miss TGIF.....my fave!!!! Mary