Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Platt Stats

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 17 episode on CBC

First, a few key numbers about David Platt:

Number of times he's been in a car in the canal: 2 (once with R. Hillman; once by himself)
Number of drug-related misdeeds: 2 (letting Bethany have Ecstasy; selling painkillers to Joe)
Number of family members he's almost killed: 4 (Jason, scaffolding; Gail, stairs; Bethany, ecstasy; Ted, botched burglary).
Number of times in Juvenile Detention: 1

That tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the Plattman. What puzzles me is how Davey boy manages to hang in there at Gail's house living high off the hog, working at his Gran's and plotting to win back Tina by fair means or foul (most likely foul - ed). Seems to me, after David's last little 'peccadillo', i.e. having his Gran's house burgled and almost killing his gay Granddad, David had hit rock bottom. He was officially termed 'persona non Grata' and everyone set about ignoring his very existence - although he was still permitted to stay at Gail's, work at Audrey's and continue his relentless pursuit of evil. (so, to paraphrase Les Battersby, it's the Status Quo - ed).

Now everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that he is.. how you say.. pure evil. There he is, happy at home, fetching Gail frozen bags of peas and acting all chummy with mummy. Meanwhile, he's quietly selling Joe painkillers at £100 a pop (Do you get Optimum points with that? - ed). This can only get worse and, each day, ol' Davissimo is getting more and more like the weather: everybody talks about him but nobody does anything about him. (although Charlie Stubbs did once try to drown him). I'm just saying...

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