Friday, May 14, 2010

TGIF May 14

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 13 episode on CBC

Following the sage comments of one reader, disciplinary action has been taken against the editor for 'crimes against puns' specifically regarding the use of the term 'vas deferens'. As a result of a disciplinary review, he has been suspended from this blog until further notice (this is the first I've heard of this - ed). Meanwhile, let's move on with another award-winning edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), a selection of memorable lines from the week. Andante:

Blanche makes an appearance at Peter's AA meeting and speaks out:
"I've never heard so much self- indulgent whinging in all me life"
('My name is Blanche and I'm a trouble-maker')

Blanche again, same place, same gusto:
"Is there some correlation between how boring you are and how much you drink?"
(see comment above)

Helen wants to know why Tony is speaking on behalf of Maria:
"Who are you, her spin doctor? "
(more like witch doctor, I would think)

All Blanche, all the time - still at the AA meeting:
"Ken recently had an affair with an actress. Oh, it wasn’t Nicole Kidman or Glenda Jackson. She lived on a tugboat "
(no comment necessary)

Tony having a quiet word with Barry:
"Your wife is suffocating Maria, Mr. Connor "
(That's MY job)

Surgeon explaining a life-changing medical procedure to Ashley:
"I'll be making a small incision each side of the scrotum."
(this is for the vasectomy, right? Just checking)

Tony gives Helen a piece of his mind and suggests she and Barry leave:
"Why don’t you take your toxic tongue and your tubby hubby back to the land of begorrah and bejesus? "

(Talk about the Scot calling the kettle black...)

Barry gives Maria his assessment of Mr. Gordon:
"Tony hasn’t got a heart, Maria. He’s got an agenda"
(...that's why he gets calendars on Valentine's Day)

Ashley is conflicted because he told Claire he would get a vasectomy:
"I've promised her faithfully to get meself neutered."
(Good boy! Who's a good boy?)

...and one more bonus line from Blanche about Ken & Deirdre:
"She'll be coming onto you next. They're like a pair of swingers "


My. my, what a week! Thanks for tuning in and stopping by. Enjoy the weekend and the omnibus edition on Sunday. See you next week for more of Blanche's Polish Hip.

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  1. Hey, Corrie, Another good one. Fave line- "That's my job." LOL Mary