Wednesday, May 5, 2010

St. Kevin

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the May 5 episode on CBC

I've got to hand it to Kevin (well, he does do a mean oil and filter change - ed). It's not often that you see a male on Coronation Street trying to do something noble (you mean like sharing his pork scratchin's ? - ed). So it's somewhat surprising to see ol' Kev trying to exercise some restraint despite the heavy sexual tension in the air when he and Molly are in the same room (usually only 1.5 inches apart).

Although Kevo is clearly very warm for Molly's form, he has put an end to the sexual gallivanting after only one hurried legover (what mere mortal could resist Molly's Joe Cocker and Van Morrison seducto soundtrack? -ed). After that 'one off', Kev took evasive action. First, a one-night hotel fantasy with Sal in Bristol (the romance and shipped freight capital of the world). Next, he gives Tyrone two weeks off for a surprise getaway with Molly (with Ty's new wardrobe, it will be Molly planning a getaway - ed).

That ought to cool the fires of forbidden love, n'est-ce pas? Kev realizes that if the secret tryst continues, it's only a matter of time before they both lose everything: Tyrone, Sally, Sophie, Rosie (well, one of four isn't bad - ed). Kev is definitely giving it his best shot. Maybe he's no saint but, as he says, at least he's trying "to do the right thing" .

The only problem is the wrong thing is so much more tempting...

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