Tuesday, June 8, 2010

worst plan ever

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 7 episode on CBC

So here's what we'll do.

First, in order to determine how the drugs got into Becky's purse, we'll conduct exhaustive interviews with anyone who may have seen something or someone suspicious. Who knows? Maybe someone like, say, Betty can help us figure out who was hanging around the pub just before the police raid.

Next, we'll hire the best lawyer we can find and together we'll determine the best course of action for Becky's defense. Perhaps a good legal mind can help us figure out how to build a a credible case against DC Hooch. Let's also hire a good private detective (don't ask Tony Gordon for a reference - ed) to perhaps dig up some dirt on Hooch and track down Slug (he prefers 'Neil' - ed).

Sound good? Nah, here's a better plan: let's just get Steve to stuff two grand into an envelope, eat pizza in a car for four hours, confront Hooch, try to bribe him, make a cock-up of the bribe attempt and then let Hoochie Koochie drive off with the cash. Consider it sorted.

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