Friday, June 4, 2010

TGIF June 4

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the June 3 episode on CBC

Hooch and Slug? Sounds like a detective show from the 70's: cheesy, tacky and not very good. Let's hope that goodness and decency prevail and Steverino manages to get Becky out of jail. Let's also hope that Slug leaves'trail' of some sort and can be tracked down so that he can be made to pay for his past sins (you mean his job as a cellphone sales rep? - ed). In the meantime, it's time for TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), a compendium of some of the memorable lines of the week. Allez!

Audrey is amazed at Graeme's extensive knowledge of old movies:
"It’s like some sort of idiot savant."
(you had me at 'idiot'...)

Blanche complaining to Graeme about the sub-standard pork chops she bought:
"I were fishing bits out of me dentures two days later."
(too much information)

Tina confronts David about dealing painkillers to Joe:
"I know what you did to me Dad. The same thing you did to your mom, your sister, Audrey, Ted, Jason..."
(you better sit down, this list could go on for a while)

Unctuous Tony Gordon telling Maria how useful he can be:
"I can be any number of body parts."
(...but only one readily comes to mind)

Liz returns to Weatherfield and sneaks into Deirdre's house:
"I feel like I’m on the run"
(so would I in that outfit and hat)

Michelle is disgusted to learn that Tony & Maria are a couple:
"Maria, there’s moving on, right, and there’s flipping two fingers at my brother’s grave"
(four fingers if you include Tony's)

Becky wonders why the police have come to the Rovers:
"Hello, are you lot the strippers? "
(No, but maybe they could do a quick belly-dance after they find the drugs)

DC Hooch informs Becky that she will be held in custody:
"You're spending tonight in the cells and it’s not the honeymoon suite"
(yeah, that's reserved for Stape and Fiz...)


Thanks for stopping by this week and thanks especially for your kind comments. As one reader pointed out, Rosie often provides lots of fodder for TGIF - too much, in fact, and I usually have to be selective about which quotes to include. Not a problem this week as Steve and Becky's wedding as well as the Tony/Maria story have been the main events. See you next week and have a great weekend.


  1. No comment about Tony's pickle? LOL

  2. Darn! How could I have missed that? Thanks for pointing it out. I believe the line (from Maria) was "No. No,your pickle should be in my kitchen and you should be there and all"
    (No further comment required)

    Thanks for the comment and cheers, CH