Friday, July 30, 2010

TGIF July 30

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 29 episode on CBC

Well, the week ends on an edgy note. Kevin's 'Glasgay foray' is still raising questions. Molly is rebuffing Tyrone's affections. Lloyd has succeeded in creating the world's wackiest love triangle. People are already whining about the wine bar. After being fired by Norris, Sheila Wheeler will need a shot of tequilla. And, dear readers, Tony Gordon is back from Paris where he was happy to find a Scottish restaurant (McDonalds). With that in mind, let us partake in TGIF (Tony Gordon, it's Friday), featuring some of the memorable lines from this week's Corrie. Giddy-up:

Little Simon calculates the age of Ken Barlow on his birthday:
been alive eleven times as long as I have, plus four years"
(Very good. Now, let's see if we can calculate the number of legovers he's had - although we may need a calculator for that)

Sheila Wheeler comments to Norris about Emily:
"Nice old lady. And she looks very clean, is she?"
(Oh yes, she has a bath every week whether she needs it or not)

Tyrone tries to get some affection from Molly:
"I've washed me hands now, so can I give you a cuddle?"
(... first, fill out these forms and I'll get back to you)

Liz asks Lloyd to help out with routine pub chores:
"Oh the lager needs changing"
(Yes, the current lager tastes much too good)

Blanche shares one of the items from her 'bucket list':
"I'd like to see CATS"
(domestic or strays?)

Blanche takes a dim view of Peter and Leanne's business plan:
"An alcoholic and an arsonist open a bar - it sounds like the
start of a joke"
(...and then the rabbi says: 'that's not my wife, that's my mother!')

Leanne shares her worries about the risks of starting a new business:
"What if it all goes wrong? Bills, floods, staff walkouts, bankruptcy?"
( left out 'fires')

Umed sympathizes with Michelle who objects to the smell in her flat emanating from the fast food shop below:
"Surely there is a product that can mask the odor of this pernicious foodstuff."
(..try 'Kebab Kleener', in the cleaning supplies aisle at Freshco)

Liz is incredulous upon learning about Lloyd's indiscretion with Teresa:
"Last night you slept with that tragic slapper?"
(...either that or he slept with a 'Slavic Trapper' - he's not sure because he was so drunk)


That's it for the week. I don't know about you but I definitely sense another cat-fight on the horizon (Liz & Teresa) although of course, as a peace-loving person, I deplore violence (except on David Platt and perhaps Norris on occasion). Thanks for stopping by and cheers to all.

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