Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All eyes on Tony

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 2 episode on CBC

Oh oh, I don't like the look of this (pork scratchings after their best-buy date? - ed). Tony is reluctantly leaving Maria's place to "give her more space" and get away from the Connor inlaws (Helen & Barry). Geez, the way Tone is acting, you'd think Helen had wanted HIM to wear the Connor Christening gown (he certainly looks good in a flowing robe - but the holy water in the baptism font would certainly burn him - ed) .

Anyway, after jousting with 'Helen of Killjoy' over just about everything, Tony has had enough. He canna take no more and he jumps into his car to take a mini-break at his own place. Except, all this talk about 'Liam the First' seems to be getting on his nerves. As he pulls away, he's got that look in his eyes -- you know the look (glazed eyes, maniacal stare, evil focus? That's my Tony! - ed).

This can only mean one thing (the Scotch egg he had for brekkie gave him indigestion? - ed). It won't be long before ol' Tonemeister looks for the henchman's phone number on his cellphone speed dial. ("Hello, you've reached Jimmy. Press '1' to leave a message, press '2' if you want to make an appointment for an MOT inspection, press '3' if want me to 'knock off' someone. Thanks and have a good day.")

Questions abound. Who will be the target of Tony's ire this time? How many Connors can he dispense with before people become suspicious? Has Maria learned how to spell 'murder' correctly? Will Ryan's band play 'Hallelejuah' at the Christening? Will Tony have one of those nasty dizzy spells while they're playing? Will I stop asking annoying questions? (Yes).

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