Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wine Bar?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 27 episode on CBC

Look, let's cut right to the chase. I don't think Peter and Leanne should even BE in a wine bar, much less think of opening one and I'll give you five good reasons why:

Reason # 5: Money. Have you seen the clientele at Peter's betting shop? Let's face it, they're not exactly tearing down the door to place wagers. That bookie shop is as lonely as a tasteful gown in Rosie's closet. And the punters include high rollers like Blanche (bring your own coffee) Hunt. So where is Peter going to find the cash to bankroll another business?

Reason# 4: The Rovers. In case they hadn't noticed, Coronation Street already has a wine bar (if you like cheap plonk) called the Rovers Return. Not too fancy but then you don't get many jet setters coming in from Cannes to sample Betty's hotpot. People who want to go to wine bars go to the canal (ask Sean).

Reason #3: Peter's an alcoholic. Might be a good idea for him not to get involved in a venture which involves booze. After all, you wouldn't find Eddie Windass getting involved in some project that required work, would you?

Reason #2: Leanne's experience. As I recall, Leanne, despite her bold statements, is not exactly Donalda Trump when it comes to the hospitality industry (well, except for you know, nudge, nudge, wink, wink). In fact, her last venture, an Italian restaurant, was a disaster. Not a very reassuring track record.

Reason #1: ARSON! Here's the big one. Leanne, er how to put this diplomatically.. BURNED DOWN her last business. You know, that nice Italian restaurant. Her slogan seems to be: 'when the going gets tough, the tough get matches' - or at least a friend with matches.

Oh, and by the way, Kevin really should take away Sophie's computer or he'll be wishing he was gay... and in Glasgow.

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