Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's better in Chester

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 26 episode on CBC

Well, Kevin and Molly didn't go to Paris but they did go to Chester, which is also known as the Paris of North West England, the City of Lights lite. No matter. The important thing is that they escaped the humdrum of Weatherfield for the excitement of Chester. But what to do? (I think we can all guess - ed).

Oh sure, there's romance but there's tourism too. According to Wikipedia, Chester "is home to 77,040 inhabitants and is the largest and most populous settlement of the... " (That's quite enough - ed). I'm sure Kev and Molly will be consulting Frommer's respected 'Layovers & Legovers Tourist Guide to England' or maybe even the Michelin's famous 'Shagging & Sightseeing in Chester'

So, after.. um.. 'resting' at the hotel, Kev and Molly could, for example:

Visit the Grosvenor Park Miniature Railway set in the beautiful surroundings of Chester's Grosvenor Park. Complete with a long wooden bridge, pond with ducks, moorhens and a noisy white goose -- which would only remind Kevin of Sally so I guess that's out.

Oh well, what about...

Chester cathedral. This magnificent building is a national treasure in the heart of the city and has been the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Chester since 1541. Oh, but the advanced age of the Cathedral (469 years) will only remind Molly of the advanced age of 'Kevin the elder' and the vast age difference (469 years? - ed) between young Molly and him. So I guess that's out..

But hey, there's always...

Deva, part of the extensive Roman ruins in Chester. Molly and Kev could stroll along a reconstructed street, experiencing some of the sights, sounds and smells of life inside the Roman fortress. Oh but 'Deva' sounds an awful lot like 'Dev' and would almost certainly remind Molly of her boss and her job at the Korner Shop where she spends her days ignoring Umed and pining for her hunky, he-man mechanic (Tyrone? - ed). So I guess that's out too.

Oh well, Maybe they should have gone to Glasgay after all...

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