Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The wreck of the sloop Joe M

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 9 episode on CBC

*Ahoy matey! Coronation Street takes on a decidedly nautical flavour now that Joe has moored his boat in Gail's dry dock (that's enough of that kind of language - ed). It almost brings a tear to my ear seeing Captain McIntyre and First Mate David Platt on the poop deck looking out over the salt air and the waters of the nearby canal (on the other side of the viaduct, five streets over, can't miss it).

The now appropriately named Gail (Gale? - ed) at first shivered her timbers at the thought of having such a wreck moored at her port of call. Admiral Audrey also raised a warning flag (the Jolly Roger? - ed) and more or less suggested that Joe should be keelhauled or made to walk the plank (plenty available at Bill's yard - ed).

But Joe has a plan (or maybe a treasure map - ed). He's the skipper with a clipper. (you mean the goat with a boat - ed). He plans to make the empty vessel ship shape. Maybe First Mate Platt will even swab the decks (judging from the cut of his jib, I would say not - ed). After that, Captain Joe will sell his hot yacht for a bag of doubloons (emphasis on 'loon' -ed) . As for Gail, well what can she do? Audrey may be wishing for Joe to sail off into the sunset but Gail will have to give Captain Joe the benefit of the doubt. It's a hull of a job -- but someone's got to do it.

*Note to readers : no puns were harmed in the making of this post