Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tony: try texting

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 10 episode on CBC

Tony, Tony, Tony, what are you doing? You're holding up the christening of Liam Jr. simply because you've got a high level meeting with Jimmy. Everyone's getting antsy in the church - especially Helen. But all this could be avoided if Tony would simply use text messaging to communicate with Jimmy. That way, Tone could be sitting in the church with Maria while using his cellphone or Blackberry to converse with his favourite hitman. I think the text messaging conversation would go something like this:

Tony: Jimmy, M8. Need u 2 do a hit :-)

Jimmy: R U Crazee. No way :-||

Tony: U hav 2. cmon. it's EZ.

Jimmy: Y? Who is it?

Tony: Carla. She's bak & bad nuz 4 us

Jimmy: U do it then.

Tony: Hang on. Gotta renounce Satan BRB

Jimmy: U r on yr own, Tony

Tony: W8 a sec. Gotta lite a friggin candle here...

Jimmy: anyway my hoodies @ the dry cleaners. No can do.

Tony: pls or we r both dun 4

Jimmy: Oh ok. When?

Tony: wats guid 4 u?

Jimmy: 2day cud work.

Tony: Gr8! C U L8R.


Thanks so much for your comments. In talking about Barry and Helen's grieving , I had forgotten all about Dean who, as one reader pointed out, also died in a car crash. I believe Dean was Michelle's husband (correct me if I'm wrong) and adds to a tragic legacy of fatal car crashes involving the Connor males. Also, another sage reader, voiced chagrin ('groan' to be exact) over yesterday's post. Point taken.

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