Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dante, Tutankhamun & Joe McIntyre

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Nov 8 episode on CBC

Well, well, it's a veritable Wikipedia of vitriol coming from Joe "can I get some money up front?" McIntyre as he sees his chances of monetizing Gail's house slip away. Make no mistake, Joey is desperate. His friendly neighbourhood loan shark is getting impatient and that means trouble.

How much does Joe owe? (let's shorten that to Jowe - ed) I dunno. Like a drunk at the Rovers, the bar keeps moving. He already put the touch on Gail's dad for £4,000. Now Signor Rick is saying he owes more. How much more? We don't really know. You see Rick is not like Visa or Mastercard (except for outrageous interest rates, outlandish terms and conditions and unreadable contractual fine print - ed). There are no bills, no statements and no airmiles (just a free trip to the gunnel - ed).

When Joe tries to speed up the sale of Gail's house (at a stiff discount from a property vulture), Gail finally loses it. Joe knows it's over so he lets loose with a variety of colourful literary and archeological references.

He compares Gail to the curse of Tutankhamun (same hair style? - ed). This curse first appeared when a certain Lord Carnarvon died in 1923, just seven weeks after the official opening of pharaoh Tutankhamun's burial chamber. Crazy? Yes, but I wouldn't discount it entirely especially when you consider that Gail is David Platt's 'mummy'.  Coincidence? I think not.

Joe also says that there should be an inscription over the entrance to Gail's house: abandon hope all ye who enter here. This is the supposed inscription at the entrance to Hell from Dante's Divine Comedy. That's a little harsh. (although it could be true for customers walking into Audrey's hair salon - ed). Either way, it looks like Joe is out of options and Gail's marriage is out of gas.

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