Friday, November 12, 2010

Tony Gordon, It's Friday - Nov 12

Have you ever noticed that Corrie characters, despite heavy drinking and killer hangovers, never seem to keep a full bottle of pain relievers in their homes?  Invariably, they stumble into Dev's Corner Shop and say: "Do you have any paracetamols?"  Then they walk around with massive headaches until the Rovers opens at lunchtime and history repeats itself... Anyhoo, enough yakking from me (Here here! - ed). Let's get to some of the memorable lines of the week in an award-winning feature I like to call 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or TGIF. Here goes:

After burning cakes, Rosie admits to Sophie that she's no chef:
"My talents don’t lie in the kitchen"
(hmm... in which room do they lie?)

Betty Turpin voices her opinion on Jack's philosophy of women:
"What you just said is the biggest load of codswallop I've ever heard in my life"
(and that's almost nine decades!)

More wisdom from the legendary Jack Duckworth:
"Widows, nuns, lesbians, steer well clear of 'em."
(sounds like codswallop, the sequel...)

Prospective home-buyer, Mr. Burrows, sizes up Gail's house:
"It’s a good-sized house, bigger on the inside then you'd think."
(...kind of like the TARDIS on Dr. Who)

Kelly Crabtree assesses an offer from Steve, Lloyd & Teresa:
"You want me, a lovely available young lady with legs to die for, to join you middle-aged saddos in a free booze fest?"
(sounds like an offer she can't refuse)

Teresa expresses her interest in imbibing alcohol:
"I’m in the mood to get well bladdered"
(not really a news flash, let us know if you're ever not in the mood)

Rosie thinks about selling her car to pay for a breast augmentation procedure:
"I cannot wait to tell John Stape that he’s paying for my new boobs."
(good idea! Best to keep him abreast of developments)

Dev's takes offence at Tyrone's accusations regarding Dev & Molly:
"I’m a family man"
(Yes, just ask Nina and Tara.. and Prem).


Well, that wraps up another week on the Street dominated by the sad news that Molly and Tyrone are splitting up. Hopefully, Ty will get over Molly after a while and find happiness with someone else. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by. Enjoy Sunday's omnibus and see you here next week for more of Blanche's Polish Hip. Cheers!

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