Friday, November 26, 2010

Tony Gordon, It's Friday - hardhat party edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Nov 25 episode on CBC

I think the theme for this week on the Street can be summarized by the word: 'legless'. Why? Well, there was the impromptu gals' night out with Carla, Deirdre & Leanne. There was the hardhat party with Peter falling off the wagon. There was the return of Ciaran. And, last but not least, the way Joe's going, he could also wind up 'legless', or at least 'leg challenged' due to his debts with a loan shark. Now, onward to this week's edition of TGIF (Tony Gordon, It's Friday), a weekly roundup of some memorable lines. Let's get at it:

Becky is somewhat skeptical of Mrs. Peacock's procreation advice:
"No disrespect, Claire, but you've just made Ashley have a snip"
(that's why he walks like John Wayne)

The Weatherfield Gazette reporter says the bar for newsworthy stories is rather low:
"The mayor’s new teeth were page one last night."
(...and there was even a commemorative 'plaque')

Peter explains the extent of his alcohol problem to Ciaran:
"Me Cornflakes were fifty percent proof"
(It's like having a bowlful and a skinful at the same time)

Becky tells Steve about the circumstances of her birth:
"I was conceived in a stairwell"
(that was the first step...)

Kelly tries to determine Trevor's sexual orientation in a discreet way:
"We don’t want to be heterosexist"
(but we do want to be heterosexy...)

Betty Turpin is adamant about her prestigious longevity title:
"I am officially the oldest barmaid in this town." 
(ladies and gentlemen, let the carbon dating begin...)

Roy muses on other anniversaries besides Betty's:
"Of course it’s 90 years ago that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were founded"
(Canadian content, eh)

Liz offers some timely advice to Becky:
"If you get a craving, suck a pencil. It worked for me when I were  trying to give up"
(Are you talking about men, booze or smoking?)

Deirdre questions Ken's high-minded principles:
"What’s the view like from that high horse?"
(Pretty good, he can see the Red Rec)

Steve is alarmed by news that a bad hotpot might have been served to a 91-year old:
"You mean we might have poisoned the oldest barmaid in Manchester?"
(now that's what I call food for thought)

Well, that's it for the week. Have a great weekend and remember that even the best hotpot always has a little gristle (at least, that's what Betty says). Enjoy the Sunday omnibus, thanks for the comments and I'll see you back here next week. Cheers!


  1. "I was conceived in a stairwell"
    (that was the first step...)


    Kathunk. I finally expire from the revolting punnage. Don't bother apologizing, as your track record amply demonstrates that you don't mean it and have NO intention of becoming suddenly merciful.

  2. I just have to tell someone somewhere - I just finished Coronation Street the novel on Saturday. It ends with Peter's falling off the wagon and that was Friday's episode. Kismet....