Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lewis' little black book

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 15 episode on CBC

We got a tantalizing peek at what Lewis, renowned man-about-town and gentleman escort, writes in his little black book but we can only guess at the rest of its contents. Now that he's had a chance to scope out the potential clients on Coronation Street we can well imagine all the notes he's made. I have a feeling that it looks something like this:

Audrey Roberts
- average tipper
- good kisser
- reasonable hairdresser

additional notes: daughter in jail for murder, grandson is a primo headcase, ex-partner is gay, was apparently a former mayoress.

Rita Sullivan
- good tipper
- excellent kisser
- reasonable singer

additional notes: likes theatre, large G&Ts, gave me the brush off (I say! the cheek!), frenemy of Audrey Roberts

Norris Cole
- probably very bad tipper
- kissing prowess TBD
- small business owner

additional notes: friend of Rita's, bit of a fussbudget, wears sweater vests, indeterminate sexual orientation. Possible opportunity for some innovative business development?

Natasha Blakeman
- would probably expect tip from me (rather than vice versa)
- kissing prowess TBD (but blimey, makes one think, doesn't it?)
- Audrey's rather fit co-worker

additional notes: eminently capable with a pair of scissors and a little hair gel, not sure if she's looking for a mature, pay-as-you-go companion but the way she acts around that prat Nick Tilsley, it would seem like she is looking for genuine male attention.. and my rates are very reasonable.

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