Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tyrone Dobbs, master psychologist

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 14 episode on CBC

Tyrone Dobbs certainly has a forgiving nature. Is it because we know to what extent ol' Ty has been deceived or is it because he's just such a nice guy? Either way Tyrone seems too gullible and far too quick to forgive his idol and best mate Kevin 'stickman' Webster?

Kev wants to bust up the business partnership and Tyrone forgives Kev with the lure of a brew.
Kev forgets to fix the brakes in Ty's car and Tyrone forgives him and even admits that he, Tyrone, was equally to blame.

Flaming Nora! What's next? I can only speculate thusly:

Ty: Hiya, Kev, mate, I'm making this wicked Imax version of the baby's ultrasound and I want you to be in the movie. It'll be mental. 'Cause like you're me best mate and that's what mates do.

Kev: er.. well I...

Ty: Oh and another thing. I haven't checked with Molly yet but I'm sure she'll say yes. In the weeks leading up to the baby's birth, we'd like you to sleep with us. So like you'd be in our bed between Molly and me so that the baby can bond, at a fetal stage, with me best mate and partner. Isn't that a wicked idea?

Kev: well, Tyrone, I'm not sure that...

Ty: And, at the birth of Kevin Webster Dobbs ('cause that's what he'll be called. I haven't told Molly yet but I know she'll be dead chuffed), I'd like you to be the midwife, even though you're a bloke, cause I trust you more than any trained heath care professional, to deliver my son 'cause you're me best mate and partner and if anything goes wrong then it will probably be my fault anyway.

Kev: Alright, alright. I give up. You're doing me head in. Yes, I had an affair with Molly. Now stop with your sophisticated psychological mind games. I admit it. Just stop the torture, alright?.

Ty: eh?

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