Friday, February 11, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the dodgy brakes edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the Feb 10 episode on CBC

A difficult week on the street as a nice pub lunch turns into a terrible accident. (how many times have you heard that?) Seems Tyrone just can't catch a brake. Ahem. I'm just using comic relief as a way of dealing with the trauma (too bad you forget the comic part - ed). Anyway, it's time for another edition of that prize-winning weekly roundup of memorable lines from Corrie, a little something which we like to call 'Tony Gordon it's Friday'. Let's get it on:

John's colleague, Brian, visits the Stape home and says he wants to have a drink and chat:
"There’s a nice looking pub on the corner"
(Is it near the Rovers?)

Kevin claims no responsibility for the crisis of Molly, Tyrone and the baby:
"It wasn’t me that put ya' baby on the Internet"
(what about the cat on a skateboard?)

Natasha tells Graeme how she feels:
"Truth is, I've been fighting my attraction to you for quite awhile"
(with remarkable success!)

Graeme tells Natasha she's the only girl for him:
"I’m a one woman man, Natasha"
(actually, a none-woman man)

Graeme slags off Rosie Webster to Natasha:
"...she wanted a boob job and what she really needs is a brain implant."
(wonder if there are any two-for-one specials going?)

John Stape says Fiz's lips taste like jam:
"That’s funny because I’m eating Marmite."
(there's nothing funny about eating Marmite)

Teresa complains that the factory girls just ignore her:
"I’m persona non grazia"
(Hmm, I believe that's an Italian who doesn't say thank you)

Julie gives John some marital advice regarding Fiz's insecurity:
"Oh, don’t be her facilitator, John"
(actually he's more of a perpetrator)

Teresa works her seductive 'magic' on Lloyd:
"Buy me a curry and a couple of cans and I'll take you places you've never dreamed of"

Well, fellow Corrie lovers, that's it for another week. The reno of the Hip-podrome continues apace although the contractor looks suspiciously like Len Windass. I wonder if that's a good sign? Looking forward to restoring my Corrie Central control room back to its former glory in the near future so I can focus my full attention on Coronation Street. Till then, thanks so much for dropping by and have a great weekend. I'll see you back here at the Hip next week.

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