Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another fire at Underworld?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the March 29 episode on CBC

What's that you say? A fire at Underworld? Again? Yes, Corrie lovers, someone is once again is humming 'come on baby, light my fire' (Jose Feliciano? - ed) while pouring gasoline (petrol? - ed) all over the inventory of badly-stitched knickers - as well as Carla and Hailey and poor old Robbie. And, at $1.25 or more a litre, that's a mighty expensive way to get rid of the factory.  By the way, you'd think that the factory would have a sprinkler system by now wouldn't you? (well, there IS a hole in the roof which lets the rain in - ed)

But I digress.

By my count. this is the third time someone has intentionally or unintentionally set fire to Underworld. Good ol' Don Brennan took a shot at it back when Mike Baldwin was running the place. Seems Don didn't like Mike (couldn't he just unfriend him on Facebook? - ed). Then of course, there was Janice who managed to drop a cigarette which lit up Underworld again ("you can't start fire without a skiver" - Bruce Springsteen).

This time, it's 'psycho-killer-qu'est-que-c'est-Tony Gordon' who is spreading his charm -- and gasoline -- inside Underworld and preparing for a factory flambee. I don't like the way this is going -- unless Maria has the good sense and brains to act swiftly (after all she did write 'muderer' on the factory wall - ed). Let's just keep our fingers crossed that someone, anyone, has the time and nosiness quotient to investigate what's going on. Someone get Norris Cole, stat!

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