Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carla & Trevor: Brilliant or binned?

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the April 4 episode on CBC

I'm very happy that Carla has such a nice bloke to help her get over the trauma of Underworld (before or after the fire? -ed) and the evil machinations of Tony Gordon (how dare he refuse her Hobnobs? - ed). But the thing is, I'm wondering whether Trevor and Carla are really a good match.

Carla is a high-maintenance, fashion-plate with a taste for expensive cars and pricey Chardonnay. Trevor is a straight-up, honest, working man whose idea of a great night is a couple of cans, an Indian take-away and something funny on TV. They are the epitome of an odd couple and somehow I can't see it working out between them - at least not in the long run. Just look at them eating dinner together. What exactly do they have in common? (a healthy dislike of Nick Tilsley? - ed) What on earth do they talk about? (their healthy dislike of Nick Tilsley? - ed).

Trevor, bless his heart, wants Carla to go to the World Cup. "How about running away to South Africa with me?" he says.  I think Carla's idea of attending the World Cup probably involves sitting next to Posh Spice in the VIP box , nibbling caviar and sipping champagne. I don't think she's the kind of gal who would sit in a noisy grandstand with a can of lager and a Vuvuzela stuck in her ear (hey, watch it, it's a family blog - ed). However, there is someone who would consider that to be heaven and her name is Janice.

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