Friday, July 1, 2011

TGIF: the Barlow dynasty edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the July 1 episode on CBC

Let me get this straight (that's what Lawrence said - ed). Kylie lives in a pub where she has ready access to free booze at any time of the day or night but decides to steal a bottle of vodka from Dev & Sunita's corner shop? Oh well, maybe old habits die hard. Maybe it's just me but I can't help feeling that this week was a tad lean in terms of memorable lines. Nevertheless, let's take a gander at some of the week's best in a little something we like to call 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday'. Off we go:

Anna Windass tells Gary not to fraternize with Kylie:
"Put her down. You don't where she's been"
(the smoking shelter, most likely)

Carla reveals Trevor's new executive role to Nick
"Meet our brand new under manager"
(She's 'bin' meaning to tell you)

James complains about his dad's (Lawrence) pedantic ways:
"Dad doesn't have conversations, he has monologues"
(must run... and run... and run... in the family)

Peter is skeptical of Ken's advice to Lawrence & James:
"This from a serial philanderer"
(Ken's an amphibious lover of ladies)

Peter describes his Dad's prolific ways:
"He's a veritable oak tree"
(But his roots are made for walkin')

Rosie insists that her well-honed mental skills helped her figure out why Molly was angry with Kevin:
"My private education was not wasted"
(True, it led to a promising career in the vodka shot industry)

Mary tells Izzy that she respects the differently-abled:
"I call it diff-abled"
(as in... please don't park in the diff-abled parking spaces)


Well, faithful Corrie Compadres, that's it for another week. As Mary's motorhome fades into the sunset, we bid farewell to C-Street for two days (I call it 'the drought') until Monday rolls around again. In the meantime, enjoy this long Canadian weekend and the Sunday omnibus episode. Thanks a lot for stopping by, reading my ramblings and visiting Blanche's Polish Hip. All the best and see you next week! 

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