Friday, August 5, 2011

Tony Gordon It's Friday: The Far Fusion edition

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the August 4 episode on CBC

Judy (from the Tim Horton's) is suspicious about Jack Duckworth's terminal illness. While I was buying a low-fat muffin (thank goodness - ed) and a small coffee, Judy couldn't help pointing out that Jack looks remarkably fit for a fellow with just two weeks to live. I said that I thought Jack was being very brave and why would he tell a fib about something like that?  Judy said, 'well what about poor Connie? How can he move out for the last few weeks of his life and leave her to cope on her own?'  I said, 'can I have a medium coffee instead of a small'?' 

Anyway, I suppose we'll find out what's going on in due course. In the meantime here's a little something I like to call 'Tony Gordon, It's Friday' or TGIF, a review of some of the week's memorable lines. Here we go:

Tyrone reflects on his visit to a lap dance bar with Jack (Jack senior not the baby):
"I wouldn't go back. I found the experience demeaning"
(Are you talking about lap dancing or working with Kevin at the garage?)

John (Colin) is not pleased to find Brian and Julie singing a Neil Diamond song at the Rovers:
"What's this? Glee Club?"
(Just wait till they start singing 'Je t'aime')

Fiz reacts to John's made up story about being on the run after witnessing a murder:
"Don't know about witnessing a mirder - I think I'm about to commit one"
(Now that's what I call a plan)

Jack gets teary eyed over Betty's hotpot:
"I would take this to my desert island"
(and you could probably use it as a life raft too - the gristle is very buoyant)

Julie tells Brian some of her fervent dreams:
"I've always wanted to hold a piglet in my arms"
(You're in luck. Brian is probably the next best thing)

The seduction dance continues as Brian enchants Julie:
"Do you fancy sharing some prawn balls?"
(Hey Brian, just because you're no Adonis, there's no need to demean yourself)

Tina tells Graeme how she feels about David:
"I hate every hair on his evil head"
(not to mention the rest of his body)

Rosie insults Rita:
"Buzz off then"
(Oh Rosie, be-have)


Well, faithful Corrie lovers, that's it for me for this week. Enjoy tonight's episode as Rosie continues broiling sausages over an open flame. If you're a weekend watcher, enjoy the Sunday omnibus and I do thank everyone for stopping by. A special shout-out to Blighty's Tuck Shop . We've exchanged links and they have a great Corrie newsletter (as well as imported food, candies and gifts). Have a great weekend and I'll meet you back here at the Hip next week.

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