Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Liz to Steve: Aye Carumba !

spoiler alert: this post makes reference to the  November 8 episode on CBC

Liz comes back from Spain with a new hairdo and lots of tacky souvenirs for the family only to find that everything's gone to hell in a hand basket during her absence. On Day 2 she is so distraught that she appears to wearing some kind of tarpaulin with grommets around the edge (presumably in case she needs to be secured during a hurricane).

Can you blame her?

Steve has given her grand daughter away to her mom (a convicted murderer sprung on a technicality). Becky is a looter. Little Max was purchased from Kylie. Kylie is still around and planning to spawn with David Platt. Steve is mortgaged up to the hilt. Lloyd is pissed off. Sunita is pissed off. Dev is pissed off. Owen sent a bunch of bully boys to beat up Jim. 

Liz's only friend, Deirdre, is blinded by her enduring belief that Tracy is really a nice girl who just needs to put her past (murder) behind her and settle down with a sexual predator.  The way things are going, Liz is going to need a large Gin and Tonic intravenous drip and a permanent spot in the smoking shelter. Either that or she'll take the first EasyJet (watch it -ed) back to Spain and find some place to hide away. (Hernando's? - ed)

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