Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bigamy 2.0 for Peter Barlow?

please note: this episode makes reference to the January 10 episode on CBC

Peter Barlow must be using a secret formula of Axe Body Wash or an X-rated bottle of Old Spice (Now with more pheromones! - ed). How else to explain his unfettered attraction to the 'ladies'. Oh, sure, I know what you're saying. What woman wouldn't be sexually aroused by a backstreet, chain-smoking, ex-alcoholic bookie with 'Mom' tattoos, a sprog and a history of bigamy?  Good point.

But how will Peter solve his current problem?  Hopelessly attracted to two women: Leanne and Carla. (What about Stella? She seems to have a twinkle in her eye for him too - ed). Both are warm for his form, So what's a former submarine guy to do?

Well, he tried it once and, well yes, it didn't work. But maybe it's time to try it again. Yes, Corrie co-watchers, I'm talking abut the big B (Barm cake? - ed). Bigamy.  He could spend evenings and Sundays with Leanne. He could spend smoke breaks, lunches and Saturdays having a leg over with Carla in the stockroom at Underworld. Everyone would be happy. For a while anyway.

Oh sure, it's not legal and yes, it's odious but what other choice does Peter have?  After all, he's got the Barlow gene - and that means playing away just comes naturally..

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