Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Overcrowding on Coronation Street

note: this post makes reference to the  Jan 9 episode on CBC

How do they do it?
(generous consumption of alcohol I would imagine depending on what 'it' is - ed)

Have you noticed how many people are living in some of those tiny houses on Coronation Street? It's amazing that anyone ever gets into the bathroom (especially when Rosie gets back from her 'photo' shoot - ed). Let's take a quick gander at the living arrangements at certain houses.

The Rovers:
Steverino has graciously offered lodging to his new pub manager (Stella) plus Spawn of Stella™ (Eva not Leanne, at least not for the moment) and Stella's man and Steve himself. Okay that's liveable, I guess. But how about

Eileen's house:
There's Eileen plus Marcus plus Sean plus young Dylan plus Jason and, wait for it, Rosie when she returns from her 'photo' shoot. Yikes! That's a lot of people vying for morning toast and tea. But wait, there's more. How about...

The Barlows:
So much for Ken's dreams of a study (or Deirdre's dream of a pottery 'barn'). They're currently bursting at the seams with Ken, Deirdre, James (the Deceiver), Eccles, Tracy and Amy. Yikes! How will Ken ever listen to light opera on the BBC or type out those scathing columns about aging sewers for the Weatherfield Gazette? Of course, there is always...

The Websters:
We've got Sally, Kevin, Baby Jack, Sophie and Shy-Anne, er Cheyanne... er oh never mind, you know who I mean. Even the Allahans are starting to show signs of overcrowding with Dev, Sunita, the two kids and now Amber sleeping on the floor. And, of course, there's Gail's place where David and Kylie are skiving .. er living.. along with darling Nick (at least I think he's still there).

It seems like the only person who's got some decent living space is Audrey. Looks like she'll be sharing with two people: Mark and Marcia.  But that's another story...

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