Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday - the bad idea edition

Oh Steve! A leg over with Tracy? The murderer? really? That's just one of the mysteries in last week's Corrie episodes (the other is why you're posting TGIF on Sunday - ed).

The other mystery was pointed out by Judy, fulltime Corrie watcher and part time staff at Tim Hortons. "What's with all the birds?" she asked the other day. At first I didn't know what she was talking about but then while I watching Thursday's episode, I heard it. There is a strong background noise of chirping birds during the episode... and they seem to be everywhere, on the street, in the smoking shelter. What gives? While you mull that over, I'll roll out the TGIF red carpet but unfortunately it's a shortened version since I seemed to have lost my notes (personally, I blame James Barlow).

Tracy proudly points out that she has been a valuable source of info to Sylvia, Roy's mother:
"I told you Hailey was a trans sexual"
(thanks for this!)

Tracy summarizes her view of James:
"I just thought he was a rat-faced weasel"
(Must run in the family)

Apparently Audrey is okay with Mark's lifestyle and is intent on gettin' it on:
"I'm not with Marcia right now"
(But you will be...)


Sorry again for brief TGIF. Hope you had a great weekend and I'll meet you here next week as the mysteries of Steve's libido continue to unravel before our eyes. Cheers!

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