Monday, January 16, 2012

Marcia makes a speech

note: this post makes reference to the January 16 episode on CBC

Marcia made one heck of a speech in support of her favourite charitable organization (Winners? - ed). Crosswires is a wonderful not-for-profit group which offers advice and support to men who dress up like women. Mark invited Audrey to come to the event and watch 'Marcia' deliver his stirring call to action. Audrey agrees and finds herself in the audience listening raptly. I don't remember exactly what Marcia said but maybe it was something like this:

"Ladies and would-be ladies,

Thank you for joining us today as we raise awareness and money for Crosswires.
This is a cause which is near and dear to my heart. I am not ashamed to stand before you in a size 8 (well, maybe 10) and tell you that, despite appearances I am a man dressed as a woman. Not a big deal. I'm sure everyone does it -- and not just at Halloween. People who refuse to accept the fact that some men like to dress up as women make me very cross and if there's one thing I don't want to be - it's a cross, cross dresser.

As I look out, I see many friends who share my dress size: Geofreya, Michaelette, Basila, to name but a few. We refuse to hide. Our heads and our heels will be high. We will not gloss over our lifestyle or our lips. No, my friends, we will push up funds for Crosswires and our bras. Open your hearts and wallets. We urge everyone to invest-tite in trans-vestites..

Vive Crosswires. Vive la Cage aux Folles."


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