Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hip to Steve: Four weddings and it's your funeral

note: this post makes reference to the Jan 18 episode on CBC

In solidarity with websites like Wikipedia, Reddit, Cheezburger Network and Boing Boing, Blanche's Polish Hip resolved to go on strike, frustrating readers by being difficult - if not impossible - to access (in other words, business as usual -ed). Today it's back to normal so that the tens of visitors to this website can breathe a collective sigh or relief. We're back! (how can we tell? -ed).

First order of business? Steve McDonald. My oh my. Steve is rapidly approaching the 'Tudor Standard' of matrimony (Henry VIII move over - ed) with four marriages, three wives, too little thinking and one big mistake.

His first marriage was to Vicky, grand-daughter of one-time pub owner and showbiz impressario, Alec Gilroy. If you don't know Alec, just imagine Rene Angelil being married to Bet Lynch (instead of Celine Dion) and you pretty well get the picture. Anyhoo, that didn't go so well. It was one of those 'Upstairs Downstairs' relationships and Steve was definitely downstairs. Vicky liked riding horses, Steve liked betting on them etc etc.

Steve went on to marry Karen, an Underworld worker with delusions of Posh Spice. Dubbed 'Barren Karen' by Tracy, she married Steve on a bet (what are the odds? - ed). It turned out to be the opposite of a trifecta (a dumb-fecta? - ed). Then, as a kind of Pavlovian, repetitive stress syndrome, Steve divorced her and married her again.

Then Steve entered his 'Granger Danger' period. While dating the fabulous Michelle, he fell in love with Becky and finally married her. Now that marriage is kaput and so what does Steve do? Wait for it. He has a one-night stand with ex-jailbird and murderer, Tracy Barlow. Well, Steve, as they say, it's your funeral. Never mind, I'm sure you'll meet someone soon. Just dial 1-800-I'M-A-PLANK and ask for Beth (the former model). 

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