Friday, January 27, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the free Norris Cole edition

please note: this post makes reference to the January 26 episode on CBC

"Mrs. Cropperchev, tear down that wall!", er I mean, "Open that washroom door!" When it comes to the tyranny at Roy's Rolls, we are all Norris Cole (surely not - ed). Poor Norris. Locked away in a dark washroom for 12 long years hours simply because of his beliefs (you shouldn't have to pay 10p to take a pee? -ed). How did he keep his spirits up? (not to mention the toilet seat - ed) What did he do to while away the long hours? (number 1? - ed). Incarceration seems to be the theme of Corrie this week what with Fiz in jail, Norris in the washroom and Ms. Julie Carp, a prisoner of her desires. (get on with it! -ed). Ah yes, this week's TGIF, our weekly assortment of soft-centred and hard-centred delights. Take your pick:

Julie is pining for the lovely Brian:
"Single: the cruelest word in the English language"
(I always thought it was 'torture')

Audrey sums up the business acumen of David and Kylie:
"You two couldn't run a bath never mind a salon"
(and even a bath would be challenging)

Julie makes scintillating chit chat with Brian at the bistro:
"Do you like offal?"
(if you're referring to refers to the internal organ and entrails of a butchered animal, then I think the answer's obvious)

Julie throws herself at Brian:
"I'm offering you the full English here"
(so is Sylvia Cropper but no one's jumping at the chance)

Julia again to Brian:

"You could have unlocked the gates to my kingdom tonight" 
(sounds like Narnia)

Sylvia's scathing sarcasm directed at Karl who wants to use the loo: 
"Please come in and relieve yourself on us"
(Don't give him ideas)

Becky to Fiz about ratting out the drug dealers in prison:
"Nothing ever good happens to a grass"
(words to live by)

Sylvia Cropper proudly reveals the location of Norris
"I locked him in the bathroom overnight"
(now who's for an expensive cup of tea with no milk?)

Marcus tells Julie she should be more proactive in her quest for a man:
"I'm a woman, Marcus not a yoghurt"
(check the best buy date)

Well, faithful co-followers of Corrie, that wraps up another week with Fiz about to do something ill-advised in prison. Hopefully her sense of self-preservation will prevail.  And Carla? Well, one can only guess as to why she's rushing into marriage with Frank Foster. Then there's Lloyd, Chris and Cheryl. That combination can't be good for anyone.  We can only wait and see what happens. In the meantime, have a great weekend, enjoy the omnibus on Sunday morning and see you here next week. Cheers!

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