Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Tyrone Dobbs' Gang of Four

please note: this post makes reference to the Feb 1 episode on CBC

Call them Oceans 3.5, the Bourne-Yesterday Identity, The Gang of Four, the... (get on with it! - ed): Tyrone (the mechanic) Dobbs, his trusty sidekick Kirk (the brain) Sutherland, his crazy bro Tommy (slowhand) Duckworth and new recruit, Gary (wind & kick ass) Windass.

Their mission? Not sure.
Their motivation? Unclear
Their strengths? Unknown

What we do know is that these three planks (before Gary joined) decided to 'help' Fiz by putting the lid on an unsavoury drug dealer who is supplying the women's jail and thus making life terrifying and dangerous for Fiz (the grass) Stape. Tyrone (who apparently dated Fiz for a very short time pre-Kirk - who knew?) visits Fiz in jail and is determined to do something about the drug dealing thug. So he does what you or I would do. He rounds up a posse.

The plan? Drive over to the druggie's house in the most conspicuous vehicle possible (Underworld van) and use Tyrone's state-of-the-art, Costco camera to nab the thug dealing drugs. With the collective IQ of a medium-sized houseplant, these three lads find their operation compromised and do the only thing possible under the circumstances. Before you can say 'cold cuts' they've: locked the thug in the freezer of Elliot & Sons butcher. (finally something fresh in there - ed)

It's like Pulp Fiction gone wrong. How will they get out of this conundrum? Can Gary put his military experience to good use? Will Kirk get engaged to that dummy in the back of the Underworld van?
Will I stop asking questions? (God, I hope so - ed). I guess all will be revealed in due time. As for Tyrone, well, he may be reckless but you have to admit this is way more exciting than arguing with Kev all afternoon at the garage and changing the oil in Dev's fancy car.

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