Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kevin Webster's diabolical plan is working

please note: this post makes reference to the Feb 15 episode on CBC

So let me get this straight. Kevin Webster has a longterm legover with his business partner's wife, has a love child (Baby Jack, I presume - ed), gets found out by his wife and business partner, then manages to inveigle his way back into the family home and now has his sights set on cozying up to Sally and possibly taking a nice vacation in Turkey (I believe NATO is beautiful in spring -ed) with his bastard son (no disrespect - ed)?  And all of this as if NOTHING HAPPENED (well, Rosie got her hair cut -ed).

Where does he get the brass?

I mean, in a way, you have to admire the guy. He was really down and out. Tyrone wouldn't give him the time of day. He had to find a creche for Baby Jack. He watched as Sally got cozy with Alfie (call me Jeff). He found a modus vivendi ('workendi' surely? - ed) with Tyrone. He even got crushed by the weight of his hubris hydraulic lift. But now?

He's back baby.

Sally is doing his laundry. Rosie is talking to him and telling him all about her upcoming appearance on Lorraine Kelly (according to the highly respectable "Lorraine Kelly Appreciation Society", Lorraine Kelly is and I quote: " of the sexiest presenters on TV at the moment, she is on GMTV every morning, where she gives her male fans a glimpse of her shapely legs and her magnificent cleavage!").

Oh sure, there are a few hiccups to resolve (like trying to officially adopt Baby Jack) but, all in all, it looks like just a matter of time before Kev gets his feet under the table and everything is back to normal -- just the way it was before he had a torrid affair and a love child with his best mate's wife.

I ask you again: where does he get then brass?

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