Friday, February 10, 2012

Tony Gordon, It's Friday: the Rentokil edition

please note: this post makes reference to the Sept 9 episode on CBC

It seems somehow appropriate that one of the world's leading names in pest control, Rentokil, comes up in the context of Tracy Barlow (no disrespect).  Otherwise it seems like the theme these days is babies, babies, babies. Steve wants one. Kevin's got one. Marcus wants to adopt one. Sean doesn't want one. Frank wants a nursery in case of one. Katie is having one. Kylie wants hers back. Etc etc. Anyhoo, let's start up our weekly award-eligible feature which looks back at the week's memorable lines: TGIF or Tony Gordon, It's Friday. Onward:

Tyrone is making serious preparations for his date:
"I may have to update my underpants drawer"
 (I'd call that a news brief)

Ken doesn't want to discuss Tracy any more with Deirdre: 
"I've got some reading to do"
(it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it)

Tracy tells Ken and Deirdre that Steve wasn't happy to see her:
"He went on and on about how evil I am"
(Well he does have a lot of ground to cover)

Julie tells Eileen that she wants to match Brian's intellectual heft:
"I'm working my way through the Brontes"
(I sincerely hope she's referring to the books)

Eileen tells Carla about the entertainment for her hen night:
"We've booked a stripper" 
(yeah, he's slotted in between the string quarter and the poet)

Becky realizes that Tracy has wormed her way back into her husband's affections::
"She's won game, set and match"
(and Steve is the ball boy)

Tracy asks who's at the door to the apartment and Becky answers: :
"Rentokil and I haven't come about the mice"
(well, do you have some brochures anyway?)

Becky objects to Tracy referring to her unborn child as 'innocent':
"Nothing you ever spawn could be called innocent. You're evil"
(..speaking of which, remind me to rent a copy of 'Alien' the next time I'm at the video store)

speaking of evil, I must run or the parking police will slap another ticket on my smart car convertible. Hope you enjoyed the week. Corrie Canuck says that, with the one-hour episodes, we in Canada are only five months behind the UK and gaining rapidly. Now that's what I call progress! Cheers and all the best. Thanks for visiting and see you here next week.

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