Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Worst Valentine's Day

note: no spoilers were used in the preparation of this post

I know that Canadian viewers are not watching Corrie in real time but are in fact five months or so behind (and gaining fast, Captain -ed), but still the arrival of Valentine's Day comes as a grim reminder of Carla Connor's ongoing troubles with bad men.

Carla came to the street as the wife of businessman Paul Connor, a shrewd fella who managed to buy Underworld but had an unfortunate hobby of sleeping with prostitutes. Anyhoo, long story short, Leanne wound up in the trunk of his car and Paul died.

Thus started a strange, dangerous pattern in Carla's love life. She got involved with a slick Scot named um.. oh yes.. Tony Gordon. But all the while she was really pining for Liam. Tony didn't like that and arranged for Liam's demise (you mean he sent him to Downton Abbey? - ed). Carla was devastated and then was almost killed by her horrible hubbie, Tony, who turned out to be not so much an assertive, confident and successful businessman (och, you're too kind - ed) as he was a psycho killer.(well, anyone can make a mistake - ed).

And, unfortunately, we now see the pattern repeating. Carla allows herself to be courted by the rodent-like Frank Foster even though she's really pining - not for Liam this time but Peter Barlow (if ever they need an alcoholic bookie on Downton Abbey... - ed).  It is only when Carla cancels the wedding that Frank turns ugly again (as Maria knows only too well) and his true nature is revealed.

The only anomaly to this pattern was Carla's brief fling with the brilliant binman Trevor. He was kind, sweet and loving with nary a violent, pyscho bone in his body. Boy, does Carla ever need someone like that now.

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