Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another wedding interruptus on Coronation Street

please note: this post makes reference to the April 3 episode on CBC

It's become something of a special Coronation Street event. A weird variation on the traditional wedding ceremony. In Latin, you might call it Nuptia Interruptus or the interrupted wedding. That's when the stage is set for a lovely marriage ceremony, usually in a nice church (or a registry office) and then something goes wrong and the wedding is off.

That certainly sums up the shambolic church scene last night when Sophie couldn't bring herself to read the vows she wrote for Sian (thank goodness for small mercies -ed) while assorted members of the congregation popped up like well-dressed gophers adding their two cents to the proceedings. The net result? The wedding is off (I think). Another setback for the Born Again Lesbian Christian Organization of Northern Youth (BALCONY).

But cheer up Soph & Sian. It's not the first Wedding Interruptus. There have been many. Just off the top of my head, there was Peter's faux wedding with Leanne where ol' Pete used the pulpit to 'out' Leanne and Nick's legover. (Classy move - ed).  There was Steve and Becky's first attempt at marrying in the registry office thwarted by the fact that Becky had had a skinful (some things don't change -ed). Other examples? How about Jason doing a runner when he was supposed to be marrying Sarah Louise. Even Dennis Tanner managed to wriggle out of a wedding (unlike Becky, he wasn't legless just homeless).

One of the best wedding interruptus (interrupti? -ed) was the wedding of Mavis (Rita's former shop assistant) and Derek (former sales colleague of Norris). In that case, neither of them showed up for the wedding.

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