Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beef Encounter could be a big mis-steak

please note: this post makes reference to the May 8 episode on CBC

Looks like the Man from Uncle Miltie™ is determined to open a restaurant on Coronation Street. Robert Vaughan seems to think that a theme restaurant where the punters choose their steak and then have it cooked for them is a sure-fire business success. Look's like the ugly American is quite the beef baron, a regular Donald Rump (that's enough -ed) Me? I'm not so sure.

First of all, just how many food-serving establishments can the Street support?  There's the Rovers (hot pot and sandwiches), Nick's Bistro (Slogan: 'They come for the food and stay to stare at Eva's bizarre hairstyle'), the Kebab shop (is that still in business?), the Chippie (hasn't been the same since Cilla worked there) and, of course, Roy's Rolls (where the full English will never, ever, ever become a full American).

So what's Milton's business plan?

Well, first he has to convert the butcher's shop into a restaurant. That's going to cost a few dollars er sorry, I mean pounds. (Better check in the freezer just in case, Tyrone may have left a felon in there - ed). Then there's new fittings, a new chef (Ciaran?), staff (Tina?) and finding a clientele with some dosh. But the X factor is Sylvia. Will she stay loyal to Roy or will she become an American's woman? 

Stay tuned

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