Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coronation Street shocker: where was Norris when Frank was murdered?

please note: this post makes reference to the June 12 episode on CBC

what you need to know: Brian is at odds with Kylie over his school's healthy eating initiative, Peter has been charged with the murder of Frank Foster, Carla is deep in self-recrimination over the trouble she's caused,  Lewis and Nick are an item but keeping it a secret, Sally and Ann (Frank's mom) are bonding, Sunita is learning more about Carl's gambling and Leanne learns that Peter has an alibi but she's only told Stella... so far.

The crew here at Blanche's Polish Hip (receptionist Abby Downton, tech intern Luke Skivewalker, accountant Gordon Tony and myself) have been arguing about who killed Frank Foster.  My theory? It's always the person you least suspect. By this rationale, I would like to point the finger at one Norris Cole and say "J'accuse" (gesundheit - ed).

Now I know you're all shaking your heads but bear with me. Remember what Norris said when they were taking Frank's body out of the factory. He was sweeping the sidewalk and saying: "that's not good for business" or something like that.

Fact: the closure of the factory would have dealt a serious blow to a small business like the Kabin. 
Fact: Unlike Mike Baldwin who dropped a lot of dosh at the Kabin buying his thin cigars, Frank never put a penny in the till. 
Fact: Norris is a certified busybody who seems to have an inordinate interest in the murder case.

So we have motive and we have opportunity. Let's face it: what else does Norris have to do but snoop around into other people's business. For all we know he could have been sniffing around the factory at the time of Frank's timely demise.

Yes, maybe it's wishful thinking on my part. Maybe I'd just like to see Norris being bundled into a police car and charged with a crime, instead of him having a nosey around and tsk tsking other people's shortcomings. I'm not saying he should be sent down or anything  -- just interrogated for a couple of hours until the police can't take anymore of his fussbudget whining and release him.

Just an idea.

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