Friday, June 8, 2012

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the contractual edition

please note: this post makes reference to the June 7 episode on CBC

what you need to know: Carla's released after being questioned by police, the murder weapon could be a whiskey bottle with Frank's blood on it, Underworld workers want to know what's going on. Paul is thinking about a care facility for his wife, Rita cancelled her engagement 'do' at the Rovers after Carl (who has gambling debts) tried to stiff her on the price, Lewis was falsely accused of stealing money from Nick's Bistro. Oh, and it seems that the lovely Michelle stole the contract which Carla signed handing over the factory to Frank.

Well, fellow faithful followers of Corrie, it's another week on the Street and DC Nash has his hands full trying to question Carla Connor without getting a load of sarky remarks. Norris has his shorts in a knot over the fact that lovely Rita is engaged to Dennis the Menace. Nothing left for me to do except proffer a fine assortment of lines from the week's episodes. A little something that we like to call, Tony Gordon It's Friday or TGIF. Roll 'em:

Norris to Rita as he watches the police remove the late Frank Foster from Underworld:
"It's not the first body they've pulled out of there"
(so? what small business hasn't had one, two, three or more corpses on the premises?)

Rita prompts Dennis to propose:
"I don't want hearts and roses; a simple question will do"
(what kind of question?)

Weatherfield police to co-prime suspect Peter Barlow:
"Don't go booking any vacation"
(yeah, the prices right now are way too high. Wait till the off-season)

Lewis is miffed by the outrageous circumstantial evidence behind his firing:
(A sophisticated way of poo poo-ing Nick's screwball deduction: quod erat demonstrandum)

Mrs. Foster to Sally:
"Hell hath no fury like a machinist scorned"
(especially if they miss their tea break)

A grieving Mrs. Foster is angry with Carla:
"The only stitching you'll be doing is mailbags"
(...which actually look a lot like some of the knickers they make at Underworld)

Police officer to Peter Barlow during questioning:
"You were so wasted, you could have massacred half of Weatherfield dressed up as the Easter Bunny and you wouldn't remember a thing"
(Don't tell me they found his costume in the skiff?)

An indignant Lewis to Gail after being accused of theft:
"You can pat me down, Gail"
(Don't give her the satisfaction, Lewis)

Carla's smart-assed response to DC Nash:
"I watch a fair amount of CSI"
(I watch a fair amount of hockey but I won't be in the LA Kings lineup)

Sylvia to Norris tsk tsking the idea of an engagement party for Rita and Dennis:
"We live in self congratulatory times"
(Good one, if I do say so myself)


Well, my comrades of Corrie, that's it for another week. I've started an experiment, putting in short episode recaps at the beginning of each blog post as an aide for those who want to catch up or missed an episode. Let me know what you think and if you find it helpful -- or a hindrance. All the best and have a great weekend. Corrie.


  1. "If I do say so myself" - I laughed out loud, because I'm just that smart!

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