Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Peter Barlow's long list of people barred from seeing Simon

please note this post makes reference to the July 3 episode on CBC

the story so far... Simon continues to be upset because he can't see Leanne, Sean accidentally adds the hotpot recipe to his hotpot but Tina saves the day by adding a key ingredient, the Street activists launch a sit-in against Terry's new lap dancing club, Sally & Kev seem to be reconciling & Audrey is recovering in hospital but the whole 'salongate' affair has caused a rupture between Kylie and David.

Hey, you've got to admire Peter Barlow's parenting skills! It's like he's taken everything he's learned from the bookies, the navy and alcoholism and applied it to the upbringing of his son. His latest innovation? Barring people who love his son... from seeing his son. So far he has banned Leanne and Ken from seeing little Simon but why stop there? Surely that list needs to be longer? Let me take a shot at it..

Proposed extended list of people barred from seeing Simon

- Leanne (she makes Carla look bad)
- Ken (he helped Leanne who makes Carla look bad)
- Deirdre (she's married to Ken who helped Leanne who etc etc)
- Karl (Peter just doesn't like him)
- Eccles (Peter suspects that the dog is in cahoots with Ken & Leanne)
- Lewis (Peter thinks he's really after Simon's lunch money)
- Brian Packham (Peter doesn't like his healthy eating initiative)
- Norris (no particular reason, he just gets up Peter's nose)
- all the non-speaking workers at Underworld (they make Carla look bad)
- Terry Duckworth (goes without saying)
- Janice Battersby (no she's not around... but you never know)
- Frank Foster (added posthumously)
- Tony Gordon (ditto)
- the rat in the house which Steve is renting out (no, not Tracy, Craig's pet)
- Roy Cropper (he knows a bit too much about endangered bats for Peter's liking)

I'm sure the list could be much longer... given time.

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