Sunday, August 19, 2012

Karl Munro's Hall of Shame

please note: this post makes reference to the August 17 episode on CBC

We don't usually post on the weekend but as a public service, Blanche's Polish Hip is publishing this comprehensive list of pubs where Karl Munro could have had it off. Yes, we know that Eva alluded to a few pubs where Karl possibly cheated on Stella but our exhaustive fake investigation offers this list of pubs and possible partners for your consideration: After all, as Eva says, he did have all those women under his nose.

The Duck and Dagger    (Karen)
The Sword and Squirrel  (Sporty) 
Yew Tree                        (Sharon)
The Slag and Slapper      (Posh)
The Sewer Rat                (Scary)
Six Skivers                     (Rihanna)
The Sprog and Thistle     (Madonna)
The Captain's Legover    (Jewel)
Seven Giants                   (Donna)
The Surly Ferret             (Condeleza)
The Duke of Scum         (Bjork)
The Shag and Sixpence   (Cher)

You don't think he was helping himself to all of them do you?

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