Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Renaissance of Sherbet

please note this post makes reference to the August 21 episode on CBC

Shame on Kylie. She forgot to send a taxi to Norris' and he missed a lecture at his confectioner's get-together. Never mind, it probably went something like this:

The Renaissance of Sherbet
"Ladies and gentlemen,

There has never been a more exciting time in the history of confectionery. One might even say: 'Ich bin ein toffee'. Despite the concerted efforts of the Dental and Obesity Lobby, we stand on the cusp of a revival of sweets, candies and chocolate. The statistics speak for themselves. Chocolate bars are up 17%. Sugared bonbons are up 21% and even humbugs, licorice allsorts and wine gums are enjoying a new era of post-war popularity.

But the future of our business can be summed up in one word: sherbet.

This fizzy, sweet (some may say nausea-inducing) powder is hitting the sweet spot of confectionery consumers. Sherbet Fountains, those yellow tubes filled with white, zingy sherbet and a black liquorice stick sticking out, are gaining traction in the all important 5-12 year old market.

Why sherbet? Why now?

Experts say sherbet has been rediscovered  by Generation X. It's light, easy to carry, easy to pour and fizzy on the tongue. And, with the right packaging, we can create a sherbet-delivery system which will keep this powder flowing to more and more young consumers with a sweet tooth -- and high dental bills.

So, to all of you, I say: Sherbet? You bet. You ain't seen nothing yet. 

Thank you & good night."

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