Thursday, September 20, 2012

Overcrowding at Weatherfield General Hospital?

please note this post makes reference to the Sept 19 episode on CBC

Have you noticed how busy Weatherfield Hospital has been lately?

And I'm not talking about all the regular punters - just the volume of Coronation Street patients checking in and out of the Les Battersby Wing for Horizontal Care.

Right now, Kirsty the Terrible is occupying the maternity room while the doctors check her back for pub-fight related injuries (Tina got a bum spinal rap - ed).

Just a few days ago, it was Tommy Duckworth occupying the Gail Platt Recovery Room after crashing his pizza delivery van (apparently he was doing 40 miles an hour in a Cal zone - ed).

Before that, it was Ryan Connor admitted to the Punter Center for Head Trauma after Rob conked him on the noggin with an industrial stapler (next time, use a paper clip - ed). And, before that, it was Tracy in a life and death struggle due to a massive infection (her kidney was at stake - ed).

I just hope the Weatherfield healthcare providers can handle the strain on the system.

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