Friday, January 25, 2013

Tony Gordon It's Friday: the finally married again edition

please note this post makes reference to January 24 episode on CBC

I don't want to be the harbinger of doom™ but if David Platt finds out that someone is trying to convince his girlfriend to get an abortion... again, he's going to go on a mega nutbar rampage.

Remember when Gail (aka Mommie Dearest) helped Tina get an abortion?  Now just imagine what will happen if Nick 'facilitates' a similar outcome for Kylie. Yikes. Better not to think about it and instead reflect on the glory of the week that was in our weekly tribute to memorable lines, Tony Gordon It's Friday:

Gail explains to Lewis why she's so protective of her kids:
"I'm like a lioness"
(more like a hamster with attitude)

Gail doesn't know what she'd do without Lewis:
"You're the sunshine shining through my rain"
(prepare for a solar eclipse when Lewis does a runner)

Gail is touched by Lewis' deep interest in her:
"Most men aren't interested in a woman's foundation"
(depends on the woman... and the foundation)

Stella is not impressed by Karl's compliments about her fine toast::
"You took my toast for granted"
(But he appreciated your buns)

Gail is shocked by news of the Nick/Leanne wedding sequel:
"It's madness, lunacy"
(just wait till the honeymoon is over)

Lewis confesses his lack of culinary ability to Mary
"I'm like an ornamental dart board"
(yes, you should be hung on a wall and pierced with many sharp objects)

Rita tries to share some nice sentiments about David to Kylie:
"I know he's been a toe rag most of his life"
(please stop with the gushing compliments)

Nick wants Mary to cue the wedding dance music pronto:
"Is Frankie Valli handy?"
(Yes, I think he once did some bathroom tile grouting)

Mary doesn't want Roy to leave after a culinary dispute:
"We mustn't let a French tart come between us"
(or a Belgian lap dancer, for that matter)

Karl tells Sunita that he still wants Stella:
"I'd rather be hated by her than loved by you"
(that's pretty well what you've accomplished actually)

Sign hanging from the back of Nick and Leanne's departing car:
"Finally married again"
(but for how long?)


Well, comrades in Corrie, that's it for another week. The Platt family is still in turmoil. Sophie is still gay. Lloyd is still wearing that damn cap. Kev is still being a Kev. Karl and Sunita are on the rocks. Rob is trying to undermine Underworld (hmm, catchy idea for the name of his new business).We can only wait and see what happens next week. Till then, stay warm and enjoy the omnibus. Meet me back here next week and as always, thanks very much for stopping by. 

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