Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Isla Sunita

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 29 episode on CBC

They say that no man is an island (although people often say your body shape resembles a peninsula - ed). However, it seems that Sunita Alahan has become, as Madonna might say, 'La Isla Sunita', isolated and alone and a victim of her own strange desires.

How did it all happen? How did she wind up with no self respect and, worse, with Karl?

As you may recall, Sunita re-appeared a while back, living in the lovely house (which Dev had bought just before they split up). Sunita was in fine form with the kids and in a relationship with the handsome Matt (a business associate of Dev's).

That was the Sunita we all knew and loved: confident, assertive and independent.

Of course, all that was BK (Before Karl). Sunita broke up with Matt and decided to get back together with Dev (long story) and inexplicably moved from that nice spacious house into a grotty, micro home on Coronation Street.That's when things started to go wrong. Dev, being Dev, was overbearing and loutish and, at times, an ass. Suinta wanted to escape his boorish, oppressive regime and achieved that by getting a job at the Rover's and showing her cleavage to the punters.

Then Came Karl. It was a bit of fun and excitement for Sunita but then it all went wrong and before you could say 'mega skiver', Karl showed himself to be an alcohol-soaked waste of space. Sunita finally gave Karl the heave ho but not before a lot of humiliation, shame and tears. Where does she go from here?

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