Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 10 Sally Webster interrogation techniques

please note this post makes reference to the Jan 30 episode on CBC

Just in case MI6 or the CIA or Rob Connor ever need any advice on how to extract top secret information from the velcro lips of super-discreet Sally "Bourne Identity" Webster, here's a handy list of enhanced interrogation techniques - not all of them sanctioned by the Geneva Convention. (Warning: some of these techniques are disturbing. Reader discretion is advised):

1. Saying "Hello"
2. A small white wine
3. A quizzical look
4. Any topic of conversation including any reference to any animal, mineral or vegetable
5. Shared dislike of John Stape
6. Comfortable furniture
7. The company of a handsome male
8. The company a male who is not handsome but appears interested
9. Saying: "tell me everything you know"... and then regretting it.
10. Asking if she'd unintentionally like to destroy Underworld and get up Carla's nose

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